2019 Candidate Forum Announced

A few weeks ago I heard about a candidate forum some local community members wanted to put together for our upcoming municipal election. Since my wife and I have have worked on several campaigns in recent years, and she planned and produced a candidate forum for congressional candidates last year, we volunteered to participate in the planning.

Members of the Eastern Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce made up the majority of the group interested in planning the event, so that organization was named as sponsor. I offered to help find a moderator and my wife forwarded her notes, such as ground rules for candidates, to one of the other organizers, Sandra Bullin. Beyond that we’ve had no further input, and someone else ended up finding the moderator. Continue reading “2019 Candidate Forum Announced”

Why Did Mayor Shaw Blame Our Police Department For All The OSHA Fines?

Mayor Danny Shaw has a well earned reputation for bending rules and twisting facts to suit his personal agenda. He often tries to justify this behavior saying he’s trying to protect the town, but ignoring regular order and covering up administrative incompetence doesn’t protect our town. If anything it makes matters worse.

The Board of Commissioners met Monday, September 9, at 7pm, for a special closed meeting to discuss “personnel”.  The meeting was called to order inside the municipal office without acknowledging the four or five people gathered in the public meeting room at the time. After almost twenty-five years on the board, Mayor Shaw should know better. The statute, quoted in part below, details how and why a special meeting is to be called. Continue reading “Why Did Mayor Shaw Blame Our Police Department For All The OSHA Fines?”

Board of Elections Moves Ramseur Polls

This article has been updated to reflect more accurate information discovered after publication. Apologies.

The Randolph County Board of Elections voted 3 – 2 yesterday, September 10, to relocate the Ramseur Precinct polling place to the gym at Southeastern Randolph Middle School.

Due to work commitments out of town I was unable to attend the meeting personally, so my wife, Diane, attended in my absence. She was joined by several other local citizens, including Commissioner Vicki Caudle, candidate for mayor, and Tim Cranford, who is running for one of three available seats on the Board of Commissioners. Other community members in attendance included former commissioners Ray Isely and Robert Hesselmeyer, and local resident John York. Continue reading “Board of Elections Moves Ramseur Polls”