Commissioner Grant B. Cheek: An Exceptional Conflict of Interest

I’ve been pondering the subject of this post for several weeks now, trying to wrap my head around it and digging for the facts. Sadly, some of what I’ve sought has been difficult or impossible to find, as will be explained shortly.

Sometime in February or March of 2016, Morganne Kirkman resigned from her position as Clerk of the Town of Ramseur. Around the same time, Commissioner Gary Hoover also submitted his resignation from the Board of Commissioners.

Bobbie Hatley was promoted to the Town Clerk position, leaving a vacancy in the municipal office. Commissioner Grant Cheek, who was elected in November of 2016, soon began volunteering in the office, assisting with water billing and payments.

The minutes of a pre-agenda meeting held March 7, 2016, contain the following entry: “Discussion was held on compensation for Grant Cheek for time worked in office to assist Bobbie Hatley while awaiting Clerk position being filled. Options for Grant were presented to the Board. Attorney Wilhoit was asked and he made point of population under 5,000 there are exemptions. Contract or temp position for Grant were discussed and Wilhoit advised that Grant should get together a proposal to present to the Board for the next Board meeting.” Continue reading “Commissioner Grant B. Cheek: An Exceptional Conflict of Interest”

If I Were Elected What Would I Do?

One of my neighbors asked me to write something today about “my vision” and a five year plan for Ramseur. I think perhaps that might be putting the cart in front of the horse, so to speak, but it did get me thinking a bit this morning on the long ride to a jobsite and back.

First of all, writing something like that makes me sound like a candidate. As of this moment I have not made a decision with regard to running for any local office this year. I am getting a lot of encouragement to do so, and I admit that I have considered the possibility.

That said, I also believe that I might be more effective if I just continue doing what I’m doing here: recording meetings and reporting what I see. That’s a role someone needs to carry on no matter who we elect to serve as our next mayor or to fill seats on the board in any given election year. Continue reading “If I Were Elected What Would I Do?”

Planning & Zoning – March, 18, 2019

The Planning and Zoning board met at 6pm on Monday, March 18, 2019, at the Ramseur Municipal Building. Present were chair Elton Smith, member Jim McIntosh, alternate J.C. Parrish, consultant Jill Wood, and non-voting community members Denise Lowe, John York, and Jay Hubbard.

The main topics of discussion were a zoning request hearing scheduled for April 1, 2019, residential parking and home occupation ordinances. It was a lively meeting, informative and educational for all who observed or participated.

Our elected officials would be wise  to schedule more working meetings of this nature, and allow informal citizen input, questions, and conversation. Continue reading “Planning & Zoning – March, 18, 2019”