Commissioner Cheek Uses Ethnic Slur In Public Meeting

December 21, 2018 Off By Jay Hubbard

At the regular meeting of the Ramseur Board of Commissioners, November 19, 2018, during a discussion  about a motor at our water treatment plant, Commissioner Grant Cheek dropped a anti-Semitic slur, as documented in the video clip below.

Commissioner Cheek recently received a $15,000.00 legal settlement from the Town of Ramseur, where he is also employed as the water billing clerk. Cheek sued the Town of Ramseur and two of his fellow commissioners, accusing them of using racial slurs toward him. The settlement was reached out of court and required changes to personnel policies for the town.

If any member of our current board should be aware of and sensitive to bigoted language, one would think it would be Mr. Cheek, but such does not appear to be the case.