Planning & Zoning Board Meeting – 1/14/2019

January 15, 2019 Off By Jay Hubbard

The Ramseur Planning & Zoning Board met for its regular monthly meeting at 6 pm, Monday January 14, 2019. A review of current code enforcement cases, all of which were presented to the Board of Commissioners at their meeting on January 7, 2019, was presented by consultant Jill Wood.

The main topic of discussion was a case involving Brown’s Automotive (407 Coleridge Road). A motion was made, but not seconded, and approved by all members present, asking the Board of Commissioners to “look into” an existing ordinance prohibiting “commercial outdoor storage” on residential property.

Apologies for the uneven sound quality of this recording. I’m still learning what settings work best with the new camera. Hopefully by next month this issue will be resolved. Thanks to all who have expressed support for this work.