Zoning Ordinance Amendments Tabled

June 6, 2019 Off By Jay Hubbard

At the June 3rd meeting of the Ramseur Board of Commissioners, planning and zoning consultant Jill Wood presented several proposed amendments to our zoning ordinances to the commissioners for review and possible scheduling of a public hearing prior to final adoption.

Appointed Commissioner Adam Smith immediately moved that the amendments be tabled, and suggested that the entire ordinance book be overhauled. At least I think that’s what he said. Since Adam Smith, like several other members of this board, refuses to speak above a low mumble, much less lean into the microphone when he has something to add, it’s very hard to know what he said.

Overhauling the entire book of zoning ordinances is exactly what’s been going on for several months. The process is long and complicated but it is being done, and will one day be completed if our commissioners will do their jobs and vote on the issues when and as they are presented.

Government often moves at a snail’s pace, but there’s good reason for that. Hasty or broad sweeping decisions often lead to contradictions and omissions that can cause problems down the road. That’s part of why we’re going through this amendment process now.

Consultant Wood and the members of our planning board spent several weeks, if not months, drafting these amendments prior to presentation to the commissioners. When finally adopted these changes will correct several inconsistencies and contradictions in our current ordinances. In the end the board voted to have Jill Wood come up with a schedule for updating the entire zoning ordinance code book which, again, is a process already underway.

If you’d like to have a hand in updating our zoning ordinances, please apply for a seat on the board. Two seats will be reappointed in the next month or so. You can download an application from the town’s website at this link, or stop by the municipal office and pick one up.