Be The Change You’re Looking For

June 10, 2019 Off By Jay Hubbard

Under current law in North Carolina, municipal elections are held in odd numbered years. This year in Ramseur we have the opportunity to select three commissioners and replace our mayor.

Commissioners David Overman, Grant Cheek, and Mayor Danny Shaw are up for re-election this year. If he files, we will also have the opportunity to confirm or reject Commissioner Adam Smith, who was appointed last August to serve late Commissioner Joe Lineberry’s unexpired term.

All of the above assumes that these incumbents will all seek the offices they currently hold, but that’s not the only option on the table. For instance, one rumor I’ve heard circulated over the last several months says that Commissioner Adam Smith plans to challenge Mayor Shaw. I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of that statement, but pretty much anything could happen at this point.

What needs to happen is this: we need a few literate, fairly well educated folks to step up and run for these offices. Personally, I hope to see some younger folks who fit that description in the mix. Are you one of those people? Do you have a burning desire to make your community better? Are you sick of seeing our local government dominated by old men with limited vision and less education running our town? Are you ready to be the change you’re looking for?

The time to make your decision is now because the filing period for this year’s elections begins Friday, July 5th at noon and ends Friday, July 19th at noon. According to the Randolph County Board of Elections website candidates should allow an hour to complete the filing process, and filing fees may be paid by cash, check or money order only, see leave your plastic at home.

To file you must visit the Board of Elections office at 158 Worth Street in Asheboro. For more information, contact them at 336-319-6900 or email your questions to