One Week Left In 2019 Filing Period

July 13, 2019 Off By Jay Hubbard

Smith, Shaw & Cheek

Municipal election filing season is in full swing. With one week left before the window closes the news I have to report today is mixed yet hopeful. As of the close of business Friday, July 12th, only one person, JC Parrish, has filed to challenge the three incumbent commissioners whose seats are up for grabs this year.  Grant Cheek, David Overman, and appointed commissioner, Adam Smith, have all filed to run.

I’m going to refrain from making any endorsements in commissioner races until after the filing period ends next Friday at noon, but I will say this: Grant Cheek and Adam Smith must not be re-elected. My two idiot dogs would be better choices than these two self-interested clowns. Search this site for their names if you need more convincing.

I know of at least two well educated, very qualified potential candidates who have expressed an interest in running for a seat on the board this year. I hope both will file.

To anyone considering a run for commissioner this year, please look closely at who has already filed before you enter the race. Three commissioners’ seats are on the ballot, so we need no more than six, maybe seven candidates total. More than that and we run a high risk getting stuck with two very bad commissioners, Cheek and Smith, back on the board for four more years.

On a positive note, Mayor Pro Tem, Vicki Caudle, has stepped up to challenge Danny Shaw for the office of mayor. I believe this is a positive development because Commissioner Caudle is younger, smarter, and more competent than our current mayor, and has boatloads more integrity.

Commissioner Caudle was elected to the Board of Commissioners two years ago, in 2017. She came to our governing body with fresh ideas and genuine enthusiasm for Ramseur’s future. Unfortunately, many of her ideas were rejected out of hand by the mayor and his puppets, Grant Cheek and Randy Cox (Smith, puppet number three, was not a board member at that time).


Because Commissioner Joe Lineberry was unable to attend most board meetings in early 2018, due to his failing health, Mayor Shaw was able to dominate the agenda. Every idea Mrs. Caudle brought forward was shot down, often without the benefit of even a fair discussion of what she hoped to achieve. Good luck Commissioner Caudle, those of us who still believe Ramseur has a bright future are with you.

We don’t need any more candidates for mayor this year; that would only serve to split the opposition and almost guarantees a win for the incumbent, Danny Shaw. In fact I’m told that the current mayor has, in the past, encouraged unqualified candidates to run as a strategy for maintaining a majority on the board that he can control. Don’t fall for Shaw’s self-serving crap. Anyone who files for the mayor’s race at this point will be doing nothing but guaranteeing us another four years of Danny Shaw.

On the subject of controlling people, I’d like to address something I keep hearing around town. According to Cheek, Shaw, and others in their corner, Commissioners Caudle and Overman have been accused of controlling and manipulating me. Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, this really amounts to Shaw’s admission that last year, in the run up to the appointment of Joe Lineberry’s successor, Adam Smith, he – Shaw – tried to manipulate me. With reinforcement from Commissioners Cheek and Cox, the mayor and his cronies tried to convince me that Commissioner Caudle is an evil woman, hell bent on ruining Ramseur, and I will admit that was almost taken in by that garbage.

The truth of the matter is that the most likely reason I was not appointed to fill that seat, as the mayor and others had led me to believe would happen, is because they began to realize that no one controls me but me. I’ll listen to anyone, and I may even appear to agree with them at times, but ultimately I make up my own mind, and for Shaw and Cheek especially, that was an unacceptable risk to their control of the board.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… well, that doesn’t happen very often these days. Shaw wants weak-minded, ignorant commissioners he can manipulate, if not bully, into voting his way. The mayor may not get a vote on every issue, but if he has at least three commissioners he can manipulate, most of the time he doesn’t need a vote to have his way.


I have also been accused of playing favorites, going after some officials while others get a pass. That’s not true either. It’s true that I have not been critical of Commissioners Caudle and Overman in this space, but they haven’t given me reasons to do so since this website was established last December.

I have not ever caught Caudle or Overman lying to me or distorting facts to win me over to their side. I disagree with both on several policy issues, most notably our need for a town administrator. There’s a big difference in having a disagreement over policies and calling people out for dishonesty, nepotism, and abuse of power. I will always pursue those guilty of such behavior. No one gets a free ride with this reporter.

That said, now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their town. Let’s make this the year we finally drain the Ramseur swamp.