Who Called The Police About A Yard Sale?

July 23, 2019 Off By Jay Hubbard

A few days ago, over the weekend of July 14, in a conversation on the Ramseur Events Facebook page, a citizen asked why Commissioner Vicki Caudle had called the police on a local business owner for holding a yard sale on his commercial property. I found this assertion preposterous because that just didn’t sound like anything the Commissioner Caudle I know would do. I soon discovered that Mrs. Caudle had nothing to do with the incident in question. I have included a copy of her accuser’s post below, with identifying information omitted.

Commissioner Caudle responded to that person’s question, but by the time I got around to capturing the images of the conversation it had either been deleted or I had been blocked from seeing it. I was able to find another instance of the question on a mutual friend’s timeline, and posted the Commissioner’s response there, as you can see below. Again, names have been removed t protect the privacy of those who are not public figures.

On July 15, Mrs. Caudle asked for more information about this incident in an email sent to clerk Bobbie Hatley, writing, “Please provide me with a copy of any complaints, written or verbal about the yard sale ordinance, and the signage issue on Highway 64. I would like to know who complained about the yard sale in front of Silver Dollar Gun and Pawn Shop and who complained about the signage.”

The response she received was pretty telling, and points, I think, to the real source of the dispute.

Since that time I have been informed that spouse of the person who asked the original question about Commissioner Caudle above had breakfast at “the round table” that Saturday morning with the owner of the property in question and the Mayor Shaw. Seems like a mighty odd coincidence doesn’t it?

Why would anyone just assume that Commissioner Caudle had anything to do with calling the police about this issue? That seems like the kind of idea that would be planted in someone’s head. From clerk Hatley’s email it seems pretty obvious that the person planting those ideas, and maybe enve the one who called the police in the first place, pretty much had to be Mayor Danny Shaw or one of his puppets.

Please keep in mind that at this point I’m still speculating, but it fits a well established pattern of behavior for Danny Shaw. For example, I recall an incident several years ago in which Mayor Shaw called the police on one of his neighbors for throwing grass clippings in the street one Sunday morning while mowing his lawn.

The mature way to handle that situation would have been to simply stop and ask the neighbor to sweep the clippings off the roadway when he finished, and perhaps point out that there is a town ordinance against leaving grass clippings on the street, but that’s not how Danny Shaw rolls.

Mayor Shaw hasn’t got the spine to confront anyone face-to-face. Boss Shaw gets other people to do his dirty work, whether that means calling the police on a neighbor or asking his friends to spread false information about political rivals.

I requested any and all public records relating to this incident in an email sent to the town clerk after hours on July 16. After the special meeting ended on July 19, I walked across the hall to the municipal office to check the status of my very simple, limited request. Boss Shaw informed me that I’d get my records pretty much when they felt like it, and made excuses about the office being in transition. To be fair, the town office did appear to be in a state of utter chaos; clerk Hatley having been gone less than forty-eight hours at that point. For all I know there may be no documents. It could all be fake news.

I finished writing the above text on Monday afternoon, July 22. I believe that a reasonable amount of time for supplying the requested records has already passed. An email was sent late this afternoon, July 22, from Jill Wood to Dennis Pinnix at State Code Enforcement, Inc., asking him to supply the information. I look forward to his response and any light it may or may not shed on this issue.

This post is set to publish automatically at 6pm, Tuesday, July 23. If I receive the information requested before that time, you won’t see this paragraph, but if I don’t receive a response after an entire week – more than enough time, despite the “transition” ongoing at town hall – this article will publish as is, and you, dear reader, can make up your own mind about who was behind the underhanded attempt to slander Commissioner Vicki Caudle before the filing period for this year’s municipal election had even ended.

Don’t fall for Boss Shaw’s dirty tricks.

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