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You Can’t Rewrite History Mr. Mayor

Remember the old stories we used to hear about how the Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin, would have those who criticized him purged and removed from history books, going so far as to have their photos erased? Well, today it appears that our mayor, Danny Shaw, has taken a page from old Joe’s playbook.

Mayor Shaw posted last night, on his official Facebook page, about the upcoming mayors’ fitness challenge, which will happen next month. I follow that page closely, so when I saw the notification this morning I clicked through to see what our mayor had to say. Then I scrolled down the page to review any comments I might have missed from the community.

Remember that article I wrote a week or so ago, Mr. Mayor The Information Came From You? The mayor had tried to schedule a special meeting to interview candidates for the town clerk position on the Friday before Labor Day. Go read that post again. In it I provided a copy of the email Mr. Shaw sent me confirming his intent to call that meeting. He later found out that he wouldn’t be able to raise a quorum of the Board of Commissioners, so he and Commissioner Cheek held the interviews without the other four voting members being present; perfectly legal, but highly unethical.

The mayor and I had a fairly detailed conversation on his Facebook page, Danny Shaw; Mayor of Ramseur, about this, all of which was eventually captured and included in my article. This morning when I looked again the entire conversation has been deleted.

Image captured September 9, 2019

Not only has our mayor censored a citizen, he has deleted what amounts to a public record. This is not only illegal, it’s downright un-American. That Facebook page is an official tool he uses to communicate with the community. As such, every post and all comments made there are public records, subject to the same retention rules that apply to any paper record generated in the municipal office. Who does this guy think he is?