Shaw Can’t Understand Normal Thinking

September 14, 2019 Off By Jay Hubbard

Early Saturday morning, September 14, Mayor Shaw joined a conversation about the upcoming candidate forum on the Ramseur Events Facebook group where I had shared my article about it the day before. Here’s a screen capture of his remarks.

Poor Danny Shaw. He just doesn’t get it. He’s spent so many years twisting the truth and telling tall tales that he can’t accept what anyone else says at face value. He’s not trustworthy, so why would he think anyone else could be, right?

As I stated previously, my participation in the planning of the forum ended when I was told that a moderator had been found. My wife’s participation ended when she sent a copy of the rules she wrote for a congressional candidate forum last year to Sandra Bullin. Everything else was done by others. My only involvement at this point is to try and promote the event, and I plan to record it for the benefit of those unable to attend.

I told those doing the planning that I thought putting the Chamber of Commerce’s name on it would give petty little people like Shaw and Cheek an opening to throw shade at the organizers, but it wasn’t just up to me. I was outvoted. That’s how democracy works.

I did my part. I offered my opinions and then I let the majority do as they saw fit. Our local Chamber of Commerce is a small dedicated group of citizens and business owners working to build up this community and interest new businesses in locating here.  No matter whose name was put on the forum, someone would have cried foul.

As for the mayor’s remark about me seeing myself as a monster, I must ask, has the mayor never heard of a figure of speech? Of course he has, but negativity and tearing other people down is all he’s got to work with these days. He’s got no shining record of service to run on because almost everyone in this town sees his statements for what they are: manure.

Mayor Shaw asked me why I didn’t run for office again this year. I thought about it, and I’ve already written a lengthy post about that subject here, but here’s the nutshell version: I’m already driving a huge part of the agenda in this town simply by writing and posting these articles. I write about problem and within days it either gets fixed or it is addressed in some fashion during the next Board of Commissioners meeting.

I have a big problem with how this town is administered at present, as do many other citizens. I believe that asking five people who collectively are paid only $750 each month, to professionally manage this town is unrealistic and downright foolish. I’m willing to give those running for office this year another two to four years to put us on the right course. If things aren’t moving in the right direction by then I probably will consider putting together a slate of competent people and make another run for office. For now I’m more effective right here. I’m obviously making Mayor Shaw and his puppets nervous so I must be doing something right.

The monster Danny Shaw and his crew created is this website, and it’s only a monster to those elected officials who misbehave. Everything posted here is backed by audio/video recordings and source documents that were legally obtained. Otherwise they would have shut me down by now., but they can’t shut me down.

I speak the truth and I present evidence to back it all up. I started this project because Danny Shaw, Adam Smith, and Grant Cheek wanted to shut down free speech in Ramseur. So yes, they created this problem by their own words and actions, and it has grown into a proverbial monster that might just bite them.

It’s funny how the mayor has plenty to say about the candidate forum, but nothing to say about the article in which I called him out for trying to blame the police department for all of the Department of  Labor citations. He’d rather not discuss that issue because he knows what I wrote is correct.

That reminds me, the inspector, Mr. Dempsey, sent Mayor Shaw an email yesterday, September 13. It read, in part, “I can come down on either Monday morning or Friday morning-Monday would be best for me. 9:00 to 9:30 would work… please let me know where (what location) you want me to meet you. Anyone can attend this.”

Mayor Shaw either neglected to include his response about which date he prefers, or he called Mr. Dempsey and told him verbally. Danny prefers to do business by telephone these days. That avoids a “paper trail” and the prying eyes of citizens who know their rights and ask to review public records. If you’re interested, call the mayor, 336-736-9015, and ask him when Mr. Dempsey will be here, and if you can, attend their meeting.

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