Candidates Forum, 21 September 2019

September 22, 2019 Off By Jay Hubbard

The 2019 candidates forum was held in the cafeteria of Ramseur Elementary School on Saturday morning, September 21.

Mayor Danny Shaw and his challenger, Commissioner Vicki Caudle were present. Commissioner David Overman and candidates J.C. Parrish, Tim Cranford, and Norv Kraft also participated.

Candidate Jim McIntosh was unable to attend due to a family member’s illness. Commissioners Adam Smith and Grant Cheek refused to participate and were not present

Local businessman, Tim Matthews, recorded handheld video of the proceedings, which you can view in the first clip below.

The video I shot from a fixed position in front of the stage is the next clip you’ll find below.

Thanks to all who participated and to those community members who helped organize the event.