November Meetings

November 23, 2019 Off By Jay Hubbard

It’s been an eventful month here in Ramseur. On November 5 we elected three new commissioners and replaced our mayor. The new board will be sworn in during the meeting on December 2, after the completion of any old business by the outgoing board. I think I can safely speak for at least 120 of my fellow Ramseur voters when I say we’re looking forward seeing the new board take their seats and begin the process of turning our little town around. Rest assured, I will still be here holding all our officials accountable for their words and actions.

The first video below is the full meeting from November 4, the night before the election. I found it interesting how well behaved some members of the board were that night, compared to childish shenanigans we’ve witnessed for most of the past few years.

The second video, below, is from the special meeting held on Thursday, November 21, in which the board members made decisions on two special use permits and a proposed moratorium on new billboard construction in town. A closed session for “personnel” was held at the end of the meeting, but no action was taken and the board returned to open session only long enough to report that fact and adjourn.

I hope to see you all at the December 2 meeting. Happy Thanksgiving!