Do Not Do Business With This Company

September 19, 2020 0 By Jay Hubbard

Do not do business with Mahan Appliance Sales & Service.

When the owner, Larry Mahan, showed up at our house today after three reschedules, and after we paid $95 in advance, and after we were assured that it would not be a problem for him to wear a mask in our house. When I arrived I found him in my driveway, arguing with my wife, two hours late, and not wearing a mask.

I asked him where his mask was and he said he didn’t have one, so I offered to give him one. Then he said he was, “kinda over the whole mask thing,” and said to my wife, “you must be a Democrat.”

We are Americans. We spend American money. We told him to “get the fuck off our property”. We’ve been waiting for Mr. Mahan to do his job for over a week now, and without a washing machine for almost two weeks. There are people in my house at higher risk of COVID mortality. We do not take unnecessary chances.

We stay home when possible. We wear masks and expect service providers who must enter our home to do the same. Your mask protects us, ours protects you. That’s how it works. We make no apologies nor do we allow exceptions. We were assured that wearing a mask would not be an issue when we booked this appointment.

I had just returned from two stores where I walked out because half the customers weren’t masked (Family Dollar and Dollar General in Ramseur) and I did not feel comfortable being surrounded by people unwilling to do their part in not spreading the COVID-19 virus.

We have been without a functional washing machine for two weeks now. We spent the first week waiting for the local appliance guy in Ramseur, who refused to return our calls and text messages, because he said it would be Friday, September 11, before he could get to us. We’ve done business with each other for six years now. I even gave him a deep discount when he needed the service I provide a couple years ago. We’ve never had a cross word between us. What’s up with that?

Larry Mahan is ‘over’ wearing a mask to protect his customers. Judging from the Google reviews for his company it’s pretty obvious that Larry Mahan doesn’t care about much of anything, including his business. Click here to see for yourself. Be sure to sort the reviews from lowest to highest to save time.

Do you want to know what I’m over? I’m over dealing with sorry excuses for business people who don’t show up when they say they will, don’t return calls, and have to watch YouTube videos to figure out how to do their jobs before they arrive. And I’m especially over dealing with selfish, unmasked people running around this part of the world refusing to do their part to end this very real pandemic. I’m pretty sure everyone in Ramseur can name at least one person who has died from this disease by now. Eleven people have died in our ZIP code alone, accounting for more that 20% of COVID deaths in Randolph County.

Yes, we are Democrats, and proud of it, but we are Amercans first, and you, Mr.Mahan, are about as unAmerican as they come. Fuck you and fuck anyone offended by my outrage. My family has been without a machine to wash our clothes in for almost two weeks now because we made the mistake of buying a GE appliance three years ago, and apparently the only person nearby who is qualified to work on it is unwilling to take my hard earned American dollars, much less return my calls. Is this how we treat people in Ramseur? If so my family and I definitely do not belong here.