Modernization, transparency, stability.

Here’s what I hope to bring to the Board of Commissioners. If you agree please vote for me.


Town Manager/Corporate Charter –  We need to fix the broken, misinterpreted parts of our town’s corporate charter, such as the board of adjustment problems, and consider several possible updates, but above all, we must adopt the council-manager form of government and hire a Town Manager!

Commissioner Duties – Commissioners are elected at large and should serve at large. Limiting commissioners to involvement in just one or two departments is a foolish way to operate a town. Until such time as a town manager takes over, all department heads should feel free to discuss their work and the needs of their departments with any commissioner interested enough to take the time.

Parks & Recreation – I believe Ramseur needs to study the possibility of developing a full-time parks & recreation position.  We have a number of valuable facilities to maintain and manage with more likely to be added in the coming years. One goal we should also be striving toward is making our town and its streets safe for families to walk around our community.

Water Resources – Ramseur and the surrounding area will be part of many important decisions affecting our water and sewer departments in the coming years. Whether we keep the system we have, become part of a larger regional solution, or do something in between, I want to be part of that process and help protect Ramseur’s greatest asset while seeing it used for the greatest good of everyone.


No More Illegal Meetings – North Carolina has many statutes governing how, when, and why a majority of a governing board may meet, either in person, online, or even on messaging platforms. Whether by email, text, or verbally, town commissioners ought not to be talking with each other about governing issues other than in one-on-one conversations. Hire a manager and this whole problem goes away.

Transparency is vitally important to earning the people’s trust and in their understanding of how local government works. All meeting minutes, with or without links to supplemental audio or video recordings, should be published or linked to the town’s official website. 


A well-regulated municipality with a competent administration on the job (manager, clerk, department leaders) makes for a more stable work environment. I want all the people who do the work that operates our town to have all the resources they need to do a good job today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

None of these ideas will get a fair hearing anytime soon unless you send a clear message to the Board of Commissioners by voting for me, Jay Hubbard, for commissioner.

Mayor Caudle will have my vote to continue as our mayor on November 7th. With you at our backs, maybe the other commissioners will agree to have an adult conversation about these and other important issues.

Yard signs are available at 1391 Church Street whenever I’m at home.

Or you can send an email to RamseurWatchdog@yahooDOTcom

I stay pretty busy throughout the week, but I’m happy to bring you a sign for your yard and/or set up a time to speak with you about any of the ideas I’ve expressed on these pages and to hear any thoughts you have that I may not have considered.

Thanks for your support.