Board Meeting: December 19, 2023

The video below has been edited to exclude the extraneous video from before the meeting started and during the board’s closed executive session. The original, unedited video is available on the official Town of Ramseur YouTube channel.

Click this link if you wish to view the original.

There were two public hearings scheduled for this meeting. Both have been rescheduled for the January 16th regular meeting. It is my understanding that this was done because one of the legally required documents was not available.

The first order of new business this month was the installation of the mayor and three commissioners elected last month by the 160 or so of our neighbors who took the time to vote. Mayor Spivey took the initiative and soon after election day began speaking with us individually and developed a proposal of duty assignments for each board member.  After a short discussion and a few tweaks, the final assignments agreed to by the commissioners are as follows.

Commissioner Tresa Hatchett, Mayor Pro Tem

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Leonard Park
  • Deep River Rail Trail
  • Unique Places to Save

Commissioner Diana Brower

  • Economic Development
  • Grant Administration
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Library
  • Administration

Commissioner J.C. Parrish

  • Water & Sewer (Co-Commissioner w/ Jay Hubbard)
  • Police & Fire (Co-Commissioner w/ Joy Kearns)
  • Museum

Commissioner Jay Hubbard

  • Water & Sewer (Co-Commissioner w/ J.C. Parrish)
  • Public Works/Streets
  • Cemetery

Commissioner Joy Kearns

  • Police & Fire (Co-Commissioner w/ J.C. Parrish)
  • Ramseur Lake

The board approved street closure requests for festivals next year as follows.

  • Food Truck Festival – April 27, 2024
  • Back to School Events – August 10, 2024
  • Day on Main Street – October 19, 2024

Commissioner Hatchett delivered an update on the re-established recreational basketball league she’s been working towards since her appointment a few months ago. The program is up and running and off to a good start.

Our Finance Officer, Carol Akers, gave the board an update on where the backlogged budget audit process stands. It sounds like we are on track to be caught up within a few months. The commissioners voted to continue moving forward on that front.

The board also approved check signing authority for the coming administrative term and approved paying some old telephone bills from the NC Department of Information Technology.

I look forward to working with my fellow board members over the coming four years. My official email account will be set up soon after the new year begins. I’ll post an update here once that is done.