They don’t want you to know.

Remember a few months ago when I told you how our local government is failing to communicate with us because they don’t know how to use the town’s official website properly? Well, since that time things have not improved. They’ve gotten worse.

There used to be an email subscription box at the bottom of the front page of your town website. I captured the image above a few months ago, but if you visit the site today, it’s no longer there.

If you’ve subscribed to by email, that means you’ve put your email address in the box at the bottom of the page and clicked the button labeled, “subscribe” and now you receive a message every time I post anything to this website.

The town website and this website are both built on the WordPress platform. That means that they function in very similar ways, and since I’ve been tinkering with WordPress sites for about twenty years now, I understand most of those functions, probably better than anyone in the administrative office or the current mayor and other commissioners.

Remember last week, when I pointed out the little notice they posted about the special budget meeting which was later removed?

For once whoever is running things at town hall posted a notice in the right place, and if you were signed up to receive email notices when new information is posted to, you should have received an email. But you didn’t, and neither did I.

Why is that? It’s because after I pointed out how that email subscription box worked, instead of using it properly someone removed it from the site. Was this decision made by the Board of Commissioners? Not in a public meeting.

Maybe they did a round-robin email or text meeting and decided that way, behind closed doors, in the dark where you and I can’t see them. I have no idea what happened because whatever conversation took place did not include me. All I know for certain is that the subscription box was there before and now it’s not.

Every elected official in Ramseur who ran for office on platforms and ideas that included the words ‘transparency’ or ‘communication’ is a hypocrite. The last thing the mayor or any of the other commissioners want is more transparency in our local government. They would much prefer that their constituents stay disengaged, distracted, and ignorant of what’s going on. It’s much easier to gaslight people when the flow of information is restricted and we’re unable to know the full story.