Ramseur Deserves Better Than This

A few weeks ago I expressed concerns about who has access to our municipal office now that Bobbie Hatley, our former town clerk, is no longer there to hold things together. In my article, Time For The Good Old Boys Club To End, published July 25, I wrote:

Some may find my concerns over who has access to the clerk’s office, her computer, and all the administrative and legal records stored in the secure areas of the office a little paranoid, but beyond my personal experiences with a few of these folks last summer and on the campaign trail four years ago, I have other valid reasons for concern. Continue reading “Ramseur Deserves Better Than This”

There’s No Excuse For This

Earlier this month, among the flood of emails I receive daily from our municipal office, I started seeing messages like the one reproduced below. Sprint is the mobile telephone carrier that the Town of Ramseur contracts with for mobile voice and data services. The first alerts I saw said that 75% of our shared mobile data allowance of 1 gigabyte (1GB) per month had been used.

Continue reading “There’s No Excuse For This”

They STILL Don’t Get It!

I hadn’t planned to write this post today. In fact, I never thought it would be necessary, but since clerk Hatley’s resignation it has become clear beyond any reasonable doubt that some people in our municipal office have been working overtime to avoid complying with my request, made months ago, for all email communications pertaining to ALL public Town of Ramseur business.

I suspected that this was going on from the beginning when I discovered that Commissioner Smith is using at least three different email accounts. I have yet to receive even one email from him. Commissioner Cox has copied me on a few messages here and there, and Commissioner Overman has shown me several emails that he has received on occasion. Commissioner Caudle is the only voting member of the board who I am relatively certain has sent me everything she is allowed to share. Confidential information is exempt from my request until the matter it pertains to have been voted upon. Continue reading “They STILL Don’t Get It!”

Why Are Town Offices Closed For Lunch In The Middle Of The Afternoon?

A couple of weeks ago I received complaints from several citizens who had tried to visit our municipal office in the middle of the afternoon to pay water bills or conduct other business. All reported finding a sign on the door stating that the office was closed for lunch.

Why would our administrative offices be completely shut down at two or three o’clock in the afternoon? That’s the question I asked our Town Clerk, Bobbie Hatley, in an email on 9 April 2019. Bobbie was in school that week, so i didn’t receive a response for a couple of days. On April 11, Ms. Hatley wrote, “The reason for the late closing is so that during lunch hours we are open.” Continue reading “Why Are Town Offices Closed For Lunch In The Middle Of The Afternoon?”