Take A Message

At the June 3rd Board of Commissioners meeting there was a discussion regarding plans for the upcoming “Day on Main Street” festival, scheduled this year for Saturday, October 19th. The discussion takes place at just over forty-six minutes into the meeting video below.

During that discussion Commissioner Grant Cheek once again took every opportunity to throw shade at Commissioner Caudle, accusing her of intentionally keeping the rest of the board in the dark regarding planning for this year’s festival. At one point Mr. Cheek stated that people have been calling the municipal office with questions about the festival for which he has no answers. Continue reading “Take A Message”

Open Meetings Law and Advisory Committees

This past Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 4 p.m., a meeting of the Ramseur Library Budget Committee was held to discuss the budgetary needs of our library in preparation for the upcoming 2019-2020 fiscal year budget ordinance. Attendees were chair, Joe Hardin; librarian, Sandra Livingston; county library representative, Ross Holt; and Commissioner* Adam Smith.

I heard about the meeting because I have requested copies of all email communications to or from our elected officials, attorney Wilhoit, and Clerk Hatley. The notice was sent out to the committee members by our librarian, Mrs. Livingston, on March 18th.

The meeting was fairly short, with a review of the library’s previous budget and discussion of areas that might need adjustment, in particular the leaking roof which is in need of replacement. Continue reading “Open Meetings Law and Advisory Committees”

The World Is Ruled By Those Who Show Up

At the upcoming Board of Commissioners meeting, scheduled for April 1, 2019, there will be a public hearing regarding a rezoning request made by J-Mac Properties, LLC, of Seagrove, NC. The property in question is located at 440 Weatherly Street, near the corner of Kimrey Street in Ramseur.

The building in question is a small commercial building originally constructed and used by the founder of Gant Electric Company. The half acre lot the building occupies is shared with a single family residence, 408 Kimrey Street, where the Gant family lived for many years.

Full disclosure:  My wife and I nearly purchased that property back in 2014, but ultimately decided against it. I have no dog in this fight since I live on the other side of NC – 22, but as a citizen of this community, I do have an opinion about how this process is being carried out. Continue reading “The World Is Ruled By Those Who Show Up”