Why Did Mayor Shaw Blame Our Police Department For All The OSHA Fines?

Mayor Danny Shaw has a well earned reputation for bending rules and twisting facts to suit his personal agenda. He often tries to justify this behavior saying he’s trying to protect the town, but ignoring regular order and covering up administrative incompetence doesn’t protect our town. If anything it makes matters worse.

The Board of Commissioners met Monday, September 9, at 7pm, for a special closed meeting to discuss “personnel”.  The meeting was called to order inside the municipal office without acknowledging the four or five people gathered in the public meeting room at the time. After almost twenty-five years on the board, Mayor Shaw should know better. The statute, quoted in part below, details how and why a special meeting is to be called. Continue reading “Why Did Mayor Shaw Blame Our Police Department For All The OSHA Fines?”

Questionable Behavior Everywhere I Look

This post is a good bit longer than I’d like, but there are several issues you need to be made aware of, and they’re all tangled up together. Find yourself a comfortable place to read before you dive in.

On Wednesday, August 21, Adam Smith sent the following message to the four roofing companies the Board of Commissioners had reviewed bids from over the course of three meetings earlier this month.

From: Town of Ramseur [mailto:adamsmith.tor@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 8:42 AM


Greetings Sir or Ma’am,
Commissioner Adam Smith here for the Town of Ramseur.  Continue reading “Questionable Behavior Everywhere I Look”

Making Money Should Never Be Government’s First Priority

About two years ago the video you see below was captured at one of our Board of Commissioners meetings. In the clip, Commissioner Grant Cheek says, “The town’s in the business of making money, so we need all we can get.”

That statement has bothered me since the first time I heard it, and reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of local government in our lives. Yes, we need all the money we can get, but it is not the business of a municipal government to focus on making money. Continue reading “Making Money Should Never Be Government’s First Priority”