Ramseur Town Clerk Resigns

Mayor Danny Shaw posted the message you see below on 3 July 2019, announcing to the world that our Town Clerk, Bobbie Hatley, would be leaving her position with the Town of Ramseur at the close of business on Wednesday, 17 July 2019. I can’t say that this news came as much of a shock given the unbearable environment Ms. Hatley has endured since taking the position several years ago. Read this if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Losing Clerk Hatley presents a number of problems for Ramseur. A special meeting was called for the morning of Monday, July 8th to discuss that issue and our search for a Fire Chief. Thankfully, planning and zoning consultant Jill Wood has agreed to step up on a part-time basis to assist in the office until a suitable replacement can be found. Continue reading “Ramseur Town Clerk Resigns”

One Week Left In 2019 Filing Period

Smith, Shaw & Cheek

Municipal election filing season is in full swing. With one week left before the window closes the news I have to report today is mixed yet hopeful. As of the close of business Friday, July 12th, only one person, JC Parrish, has filed to challenge the three incumbent commissioners whose seats are up for grabs this year.  Grant Cheek, David Overman, and appointed commissioner, Adam Smith, have all filed to run.

I’m going to refrain from making any endorsements in commissioner races until after the filing period ends next Friday at noon, but I will say this: Grant Cheek and Adam Smith must not be re-elected. My two idiot dogs would be better choices than these two self-interested clowns. Search this site for their names if you need more convincing. Continue reading “One Week Left In 2019 Filing Period”

Take A Message

At the June 3rd Board of Commissioners meeting there was a discussion regarding plans for the upcoming “Day on Main Street” festival, scheduled this year for Saturday, October 19th. The discussion takes place at just over forty-six minutes into the meeting video below.

During that discussion Commissioner Grant Cheek once again took every opportunity to throw shade at Commissioner Caudle, accusing her of intentionally keeping the rest of the board in the dark regarding planning for this year’s festival. At one point Mr. Cheek stated that people have been calling the municipal office with questions about the festival for which he has no answers. Continue reading “Take A Message”

Public Works Needs Better Management

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In a previous post, Ramseur He-Man Woman Haters Club, I pointed out the gross misogyny of several members of our Board of Commissioners  toward Vicki Caudle, the only woman currently serving on the board.


During a discussion at the most recent board meeting regarding the duties of our public works contractor, Suez, Commissioner Grant Cheek was adamant that Suez is not responsible for cleaning and stocking public restrooms in our parks, and insisted that Commissioner Caudle should handle those duties herself. According to Mr. Cheek, Suez is too busy working water leaks, repairing fire hydrants, and removing brush from his property to bother with such menial work as maintaining restrooms in a public park. You can view the full discussion in the video below. Continue reading “Public Works Needs Better Management”