Where’s Commissioner Cheek?

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, just before 5 pm, Bobbie Hatley sent the following email to all commissioners, the mayor, and counsellor Wilhoit.

“Attached are 2 proposals presented for the unit replacement at the Wastewater Treatment Plant approved during budget. Grant is going with Charlie’s Tin Shop which is the lower bid and the monies are available per budget. If you need a refresher, it was under items presented by Suez for approval.”

The bids were for air conditioning units for the office and an “ice box room” at the wastewater treatment plant on Roundleaf Road; one from Charlie’s Tin Shop ($5100) and one from Gardiner Heating & Air ($5400). Both bids are linked in the underlined text in the paragraph above for your convenience. Please take a moment to compare them. Continue reading “Where’s Commissioner Cheek?”

Mayor Shaw, It’s Time For You To Go

Mayor Danny Shaw seems to have a problem; he can’t keep his stories straight. If this were a new development perhaps it could be attributed to age or senility, but by all accounts this behavior has been going on for years.

For example, in comments the mayor made at the end of the Board of Commissioners meeting last Monday, March 4, 2019, Mr. Shaw made several contradictory statements. He began by stating his opinion that “we’d all be better off,” if Facebook, this website, and pretty much the entire Internet didn’t exist. Welcome to the Information Age, Mr. Shaw. None of this is going away, and our world is better for it. Continue reading “Mayor Shaw, It’s Time For You To Go”

Setting A Few Misconceptions Straight

During a heated exchange on Facebook between myself and Mayor Danny Shaw, which took place on March 2, 2019, the mayor made some very odd and revealing statements.

Click the image to visit the Facebook page where this took place.

At one point in the discussion the mayor implied that comments I made in one of my discussions with him and/or Commissioner Cheek at the municipal office last summer was the reason I was not appointed to the Board of Commissioners. Continue reading “Setting A Few Misconceptions Straight”