2019 Candidate Forum Announced

A few weeks ago I heard about a candidate forum some local community members wanted to put together for our upcoming municipal election. Since my wife and I have have worked on several campaigns in recent years, and she planned and produced a candidate forum for congressional candidates last year, we volunteered to participate in the planning.

Members of the Eastern Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce made up the majority of the group interested in planning the event, so that organization was named as sponsor. I offered to help find a moderator and my wife forwarded her notes, such as ground rules for candidates, to one of the other organizers, Sandra Bullin. Beyond that we’ve had no further input, and someone else ended up finding the moderator. Continue reading “2019 Candidate Forum Announced”

Adam Smith Is Wrong For Ramseur

The text message you’ll find reproduced below was sent from Commissioner Adam Smith to Commissioner David Overman, sometime between August 5 and August 9, 2019. Mr. Overman showed the original messages to me on August 9, when I met him in order to make copies of the original set of library roof bid materials supplied to board members prior to the August 5 meeting.

After seeing those messages on Mr. Overman’s phone I asked him to forward them to me, which he did, in compliance with my ongoing request for all electronic communications relating to public Town of Ramseur business. Messages between elected officials regarding municipal business are considered public records and by law must be made available for examination upon request. Continue reading “Adam Smith Is Wrong For Ramseur”

Questionable Behavior Everywhere I Look

This post is a good bit longer than I’d like, but there are several issues you need to be made aware of, and they’re all tangled up together. Find yourself a comfortable place to read before you dive in.

On Wednesday, August 21, Adam Smith sent the following message to the four roofing companies the Board of Commissioners had reviewed bids from over the course of three meetings earlier this month.

From: Town of Ramseur [mailto:adamsmith.tor@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 8:42 AM


Greetings Sir or Ma’am,
Commissioner Adam Smith here for the Town of Ramseur.  Continue reading “Questionable Behavior Everywhere I Look”