Phoneman Vs. The Witch Hunters

The Town of Ramseur has been pursuing a zoning violation case against Tim Matthews for several months now. Tim owns several properties downtown, but he is probably best known for his Phoneman business. Mr. Matthews has owned the building in question for over six years.

Shortly after purchasing the property, located at the corner of Main and Carter Streets downtown, Mr. Matthews hired local artist Reggie Robbins to paint a large silhouette on the side of his building.  Since then Tim has added several other signs and paintings to the wall. Over the years Tim Matthews also purchased several sign permits from the Town of Ramseur in order to comply with local laws and ordinances. In short, Tim Matthews has jumped through every hoop placed in front of him by our local government, every time he’s been asked to do so. Continue reading “Phoneman Vs. The Witch Hunters”

Board of Commissioners – Code Enforcement Discussion – January 2019

Code enforcement issues took up a large portion of the January 7, 2019, meeting of the Ramseur Board of Commissioners. In the video below, the speaker addressing the board is Jill Wood, a consultant hired by the Town of Ramseur to help sort out our longstanding planning, zoning, and code enforcement issues.

This discussion took place in two segments due to a discrepancy over the location of a non-compliant property on Jordan Road (US 64) near Bojangles. At that point the discussion was put on hold while Ms. Wood contacted our code enforcement officer, Dennis Pinnix, to verify the property in question. Both segments have been merged into one video, which begins with the first few minutes of the meeting. Continue reading “Board of Commissioners – Code Enforcement Discussion – January 2019”