Deep River Rail Trail Blues

At the June 3rd Board of Commissioners meeting Mayor Danny R. Shaw requested permission to spend $300 to have a piece of property appraised in order to make an offer to buy said property from Norfolk Southern Corporation (NS). The property in question has been a point of contention among the board members for several years now. If you are unfamiliar with this issue you can read the rest of the story by clicking here and here.

Mayor Shaw’s failure to actively pursue acquisition of this property over the roughly ten years he’s been managing development of Ramseur’s segment of the trail is now holding up the project. By the mayor’s own admission we have over $16,000 in grant money from the Randolph Community Health Foundation – awarded based on false information – “in limbo” because we, the Town, have not obtained ownership of, or a right of way across, that property. Continue reading “Deep River Rail Trail Blues”

Rail Trail Property Dispute: Addendum

From: Town of Ramseur <>
Date: Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 7:00 PM
To: <>, <>, <>

Greetings all, 

My name is Commissioner Adam Smith with the Town of Ramseur. I am reaching out to you today in regards to a property that you legally own but have abandoned in Ramseur North Carolina. We obtained this information through a title search.  

This property has been abandoned since the 1950s. This property has back taxes owed as well. The Town of Ramseur has been maintaining this property for 30+ years now. 

We started a project called “The Rail Trail.” This is a walking Trail that lies along Deep River in eastern Randolph County and adjoins the Town of Franklinville. This project is for any and all walks of life. We welcome anyone from all over the Country to come walk our beautiful nature trail. This trail is approximately 1.5 miles of abandoned railroad in the Town of Ramseur.  Continue reading “Rail Trail Property Dispute: Addendum”

Rail Trail Property – The Rest of The Story

In an article, “Rail trail gap causes controversy over ownership” published in the Sunday, February 10th edition of the Asheboro Courier-Tribune, Larry Penkava wrote, “The half-acre segment, divided by Depot Street, is key to completing the second phase of the trail.

“That half acre became a huge issue after the board approved on Aug. 13, 2018, the application for a grant of $16,860 from the Randolph Community Health Foundation. At issue was the missing link, necessary for the grant approval.

“Mayor Danny Shaw said in an interview that the same day the board voted on the grant application, Commissioner David Overman applied for a quit claim deed on the property since the town believed the owner of the tract was unknown. Shaw said the board members had discussed filing their own quit claim on the property, but Overman beat them to it.” Continue reading “Rail Trail Property – The Rest of The Story”

Ramseur Dam Removal Project

On February 4, 2019, David Harper, executive director of Unique Places to Save (hereafter referred to as UP2S), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, appeared before the Ramseur Board of Commissioners seeking a letter of support to supplement a fundraising grant application to the Clean Water Management Trust Fund. Mr. Harper’s remarks were listed on the agenda as ‘dam removal project’. I can’t speak for anyone else in the room that night, but it seemed like a topic out of left field. I did not see that coming.

According to Mr. Harper, his organization is partnered with a group of investors called Watauga Unique Properties, LLC (hereafter referred to as Watauga), which recently acquired approximately 22 acres along both sides of Deep River, stradling the Brooklyn Avenue bridge. Mr. Harper explained that his organization’s role is to, “find a way to convey some of that land to the Town of Ramseur as a potential park and greenway site.” Continue reading “Ramseur Dam Removal Project”