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Moving Ramseur’s Polls Had Zero Effect

This guest post was written by Diane F. Hubbard There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth about moving Ramseur’s polling place from our Municipal Building on Liberty Street to Southeastern Randolph Middle School (SERMS) on Foushee Rd. Some argued that this move would depress the vote. There were also accusations that this was a…

By Jay Hubbard November 11, 2019 Off

Shaw Out, Caudle Wins Mayor

Unofficial results of today’s election indicate Vicki Caudle won in a landslide victory by a margin over 2 to 1. Tim Cranford, Jim McIntosh, and J.C. Parrish were the top three finishers in the commissioner races. Official results pending certification by Board of Elections.

By Jay Hubbard November 5, 2019 Off

Closing Arguments

Late this week it came to my attention that Mayor Danny Shaw finally got the hint and started a Facebook page for his re-election campaign, Re-Elect Danny Shaw Mayor. He’d been getting grief for months from angry citizens whose accounts he has blocked from seeing his ramblings. I guess someone finally convinced him that it’s…

By Jay Hubbard November 3, 2019 Off