Questionable Behavior Everywhere I Look

This post is a good bit longer than I’d like, but there are several issues you need to be made aware of, and they’re all tangled up together. Find yourself a comfortable place to read before you dive in.

On Wednesday, August 21, Adam Smith sent the following message to the four roofing companies the Board of Commissioners had reviewed bids from over the course of three meetings earlier this month.

From: Town of Ramseur [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 8:42 AM


Greetings Sir or Ma’am,
Commissioner Adam Smith here for the Town of Ramseur.  Continue reading “Questionable Behavior Everywhere I Look”

Special Meeting – 15 August 2019

Here’s the video from last night’s special meeting of the Ramseur Board of Commissioners. I decided not to include the beginning of the proceedings because the mayor called the meeting to order and after a few minutes of trying to sort out proper procedure – you’d think after almost twenty-four years on the board our mayor would know Robert’s Rules backward and forward, but, no – the board entered closed session. Continue reading “Special Meeting – 15 August 2019”

At Least One Of These People Is Lying

At the August 5 regular meeting of the Ramseur Board of Commissioners, Adam Smith presented proposals from three companies to replace the roof at the our public library. The board voted to accept a proposal from a Charlotte-based company called Give-N-Go Construction, LLC, but many questions remained unanswered.

A little digging at the North Carolina Secretary of State’s website reveals that one of the managing partners of Give N’ Go Construction Group, LLC, is a non-profit called Give n’ Go, Inc., based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Here’s a link to their website. The video below shows the discussion at the August 5 meeting.

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Ramseur Board of Commissioners – Library & Cemetery Report – January 2019

If points were awarded for brevity, this report would win a prize.

The lights Commissioner Smith speaks of are at the West Ridge Street entrance to Sunset Knoll Cemetery. The “sidewalk repair” mentioned was actually a storm drain repair carried out by Suez in either late November or early December.

After the pipe was excavated and repaired, the sidewalk sections that were removed were cordoned off with traffic cones and safety tape for a week or two before gravel was placed in the gap before Christmas. As of this writing, ten days after the meeting, the lights are still out of service and the sidewalk has not yet been repaired, despite several days of good weather.