Put It In Writing

On Friday afternoon, 17 August 2019, I attended a private meeting between myself and Commissioner Grant Cheek, along with two other men who do not live in Ramseur. The purpose of that meeting was an effort to find some sort of common ground and, I assume, bring about a truce between myself and Commissioner Cheek. The meeting lasted a little over an hour, and by all accounts amounted to a waste of time.

I respect the two men, officers in the local chapter of the NAACP, who facilitated this meeting, and their efforts at resolving what was represented to them as a dispute based upon alleged racism and bigotry on my part. As regular readers of this space will recall, a month or two ago Mr. Cheek filed a grievance against me with that organization, claiming that my work here focuses on him based only on his race and other personal characteristics that I have not ever written about. Anyone who has known me personally for more than a few days understands that such accusations are utterly without merit. Continue reading “Put It In Writing”

Ramseur He-Man Woman Haters Club

One of the first topics of discussion last Monday night, April 1st, had to do with the duties of our public works department, contracted out to Suez Environmental Services, Inc. since early 2017. Suez Environmental is a subsidiary of Suez North America, which is in turn a subsidiary of Suez Environment, a French-based utility company which operates largely in the water treatment and waste management sectors.

Commissioner Caudle brought this discussion before the board to address a lack of cooperation, bordering on obstruction, that she has experienced in trying to get someone on our payroll to keep the restrooms at Leonard Park stocked and clean. Leonard Park is a public park owned and operated by the Town of Ramseur. Watch the video of the discussion below. Continue reading “Ramseur He-Man Woman Haters Club”

Smith Respects No Authority Or Law

Poor Commissioner* Smith, he still doesn’t get it. The man appears to have ZERO respect for the law.

Readers may remember that back on January 28th, 2019, I made a legal public records request to receive copies of ALL emails to or from any elected official in Ramseur. You might also recall that one of my first record requests was for documents accounting for Commissioner* Smith’s spending, which I first wrote about here.

From the beginning it’s been an uphill battle to get any compliance out of most of the commissioners, but Smith has gone out of his way to evade the law, and doesn’t appear to have any intention of fulfilling his obligation as a public official. Continue reading “Smith Respects No Authority Or Law”