Planning & Zoning Meeting, April 15, 2019

The Planning  & Zoning Board met on Monday, April 15th, at the municipal building. All members were in attendance at this meeting and the discussion mostly centered on proposed ordinance updates concerning recreational vehicle, commercial, and private vehicle parking in residential areas. All proposals were approved and will now be forwarded to the Board of Commissioners for public hearings and final approval. Consultant Jill Wood also clarified some misunderstanding regarding a previous zoning change to a property on Weatherly Street, which was approved after a public hearing on April 1st. I stand corrected. You can view the full meeting in the video below.

The World Is Ruled By Those Who Show Up

At the upcoming Board of Commissioners meeting, scheduled for April 1, 2019, there will be a public hearing regarding a rezoning request made by J-Mac Properties, LLC, of Seagrove, NC. The property in question is located at 440 Weatherly Street, near the corner of Kimrey Street in Ramseur.

The building in question is a small commercial building originally constructed and used by the founder of Gant Electric Company. The half acre lot the building occupies is shared with a single family residence, 408 Kimrey Street, where the Gant family lived for many years.

Full disclosure:  My wife and I nearly purchased that property back in 2014, but ultimately decided against it. I have no dog in this fight since I live on the other side of NC – 22, but as a citizen of this community, I do have an opinion about how this process is being carried out. Continue reading “The World Is Ruled By Those Who Show Up”

Planning & Zoning – March, 18, 2019

The Planning and Zoning board met at 6pm on Monday, March 18, 2019, at the Ramseur Municipal Building. Present were chair Elton Smith, member Jim McIntosh, alternate J.C. Parrish, consultant Jill Wood, and non-voting community members Denise Lowe, John York, and Jay Hubbard.

The main topics of discussion were a zoning request hearing scheduled for April 1, 2019, residential parking and home occupation ordinances. It was a lively meeting, informative and educational for all who observed or participated.

Our elected officials would be wise  to schedule more working meetings of this nature, and allow informal citizen input, questions, and conversation. Continue reading “Planning & Zoning – March, 18, 2019”