Who Called The Police About A Yard Sale?

A few days ago, over the weekend of July 14, in a conversation on the Ramseur Events Facebook page, a citizen asked why Commissioner Vicki Caudle had called the police on a local business owner for holding a yard sale on his commercial property. I found this assertion preposterous because that just didn’t sound like anything the Commissioner Caudle I know would do. I soon discovered that Mrs. Caudle had nothing to do with the incident in question. I have included a copy of her accuser’s post below, with identifying information omitted.

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Commissioners Delegate Authority

At the February 4, 2019, meeting of the Ramseur Board of Commissioners, the Board approved a resolution submitted by Commissioner Randy Cox, delegating the authority to hire, fire, and suspend police department employees, in accordance with North Carolina law, to our Chief of Police, Larry Lewallen.

In most organizations, public or private sector, department heads usually have this type of authority. This situation is just one more example of why Ramseur needs a town administrator, as well as other paid departmental leaders. Continue reading “Commissioners Delegate Authority”