Board of Elections, 20 August 2019

The Randolph County Board of Elections met on Tuesday, August 20, in the second floor meeting room of the Historic Randolph County Courthouse. One of two items on their agenda was the ongoing discussion and search for a better, more neutral polling place for the Ramseur Precinct, which includes the entire municipality of Ramseur and parts of the surrounding county. Approximately 2,600 people are registered to vote in our precinct.

During the public comment period Mayor Danny Shaw and Commissioner Cheek pleaded for the board members not to move our polling place, under the mistaken assumption that the movement to relocate our voting location is based only the fact that they both work inside the municipal building on a daily basis. While that is a factor, it is far from the only reason why some citizens began having conversations with Melissa Johnson, director of elections, about problems in Ramseur months, if not years ago. Continue reading “Board of Elections, 20 August 2019”

Ramseur Town Clerk Resigns

Mayor Danny Shaw posted the message you see below on 3 July 2019, announcing to the world that our town clerk, Bobbie Hatley, would be leaving her position with the Town of Ramseur at the close of business on Wednesday, 17 July 2019. I can’t say that this news came as much of a shock given the unbearable environment Ms. Hatley has endured since taking the position several years ago. Read this if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Losing Clerk Hatley presents a number of problems for Ramseur. A special meeting was called for the morning of Monday, July 8th to discuss that issue and our search for a Fire Chief. Thankfully, planning and zoning consultant Jill Wood has agreed to step up on a part-time basis to assist in the office until a suitable replacement can be found. Continue reading “Ramseur Town Clerk Resigns”

Be The Change You’re Looking For

Under current law in North Carolina, municipal elections are held in odd numbered years. This year in Ramseur we have the opportunity to select three commissioners and replace our mayor.

Commissioners David Overman, Grant Cheek, and Mayor Danny Shaw are up for re-election this year. If he files, we will also have the opportunity to confirm or reject Commissioner Adam Smith, who was appointed last August to serve late Commissioner Joe Lineberry’s unexpired term. Continue reading “Be The Change You’re Looking For”

House Bill 294 – Partisan Elections Act

I try to avoid posting about state or national issues in this space, unless the issue in question will affect us down here at the local level. House Bill 294 would do just that. The official title of the bill is “An Act To Require That Every Election In The State Be Held As A Partisan Election“.

I don’t care what party you might affiliate with, but it seems to me that to any reasonable person this bill would be terrible for folks like us living in small rural communities across this great state. I mean, it’s bad enough that judges and sheriffs races are tangled up in partisan politics, but throwing school boards and municipal boards into that swamp can only end badly for everyone.

As I’ve said before, down here close to home we have to learn to put our party affiliations and such aside because the pool of talent we have to draw from in places like Ramseur is so small. If this bill were passed into law, municipal boards and others affected by it would have vacancies filled not by the sitting members, but instead appointed by the Executive Committees of the party of the person who resigned or passed away. Positions could be handed out to party donors without regard for qualifications, while ignoring potentially better qualified candidates.

If that wasn’t bad enough, imagine the problems unaffiliated candidates would face, having to constantly gather petition signatures just to get onto the ballot, not to mention the logistical nightmare that would be presented if an unaffiliated board member’s seat were vacated early. Who’s going to decide what unaffiliated person gets appointed to finish that unexpired term?

Please click through this link and read this bill yourself, and pressure our delegation in Raleigh not to support this terrible idea. Partisan politics has created more division in this country than any other issue in my lifetime. This bill only threatens to make the problem even worse.

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