Time For The Good Old Boys Club To End

Last week our town clerk, Bobbie Hatley, resigned to take a better job in another town. The board held a special meeting on Friday, July 19, two days after Ms. Hatley clocked out for the last time, and voted to hire a retired clerk, Melody Hancock, from Randleman, to fill the role of interim town clerk beginning this week. Sadly, for reasons we may never know, that plan fell apart at the last minute.

I was informed earlier this week that our attorney, Bob Wilhoit, called Mayor Shaw last Sunday night and informed him that Mrs. Hancock had decided to decline the Board’s offer. I tried to verify this, and in an email, sent to Mayor Shaw on July 23, I wrote, “I understand that Melody Hancock decided over the weekend that she is not willing to be our interim town clerk. Is that true? Was any reason offered?”

“Since we do not have a town administrator or manager, and elected officials are barred by statute from acting as administrator/manager, even in a temporary capacity, who currently holds the keys to the clerk’s office and the vault? Who has access to those locations and the records stored there?”

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Board of Commissioners Special Meeting, Friday, 19 July 2019

At 2:19 pm on Wednesday, 17 July 2019, the Town of Ramseur Facebook page announced a special called meeting of the Board of Commissioners to address the trademark issue, instigated improperly last January by appointed commissioner Adam Smith, and finding a replacement for former town clerk, Bobbie Hatley, who left for greener pastures in Pleasant Garden at the close of business this past Wednesday. The meeting took place at 4pm on Friday, July 19.

The trademark issue began last January when unelected commissioner Adam Smith went rogue and applied to trademark the “logo” of the Town of Ramseur without board approval. A majority of the board did eventually approve the application, but it was several months after the fact. The initial application fee of $923 was paid by Smith and reimbursed to him by the town clerk before some of the board members were made aware of his actions. Anyone who tells you that Smith had permission to pursue a trademark for the Town of Ramseur is lying to you.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch both videos of this short meeting.

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