Board of Commissioners Special Meeting, Friday, 19 July 2019

At 2:19 pm on Wednesday, 17 July 2019, the Town of Ramseur Facebook page announced a special called meeting of the Board of Commissioners to address the trademark issue, instigated improperly last January by appointed commissioner Adam Smith, and finding a replacement for former town clerk, Bobbie Hatley, who left for greener pastures in Pleasant Garden at the close of business this past Wednesday. The meeting took place at 4pm on Friday, July 19.

The trademark issue began last January when unelected commissioner Adam Smith went rogue and applied to trademark the “logo” of the Town of Ramseur without board approval. A majority of the board did eventually approve the application, but it was several months after the fact. The initial application fee of $923 was paid by Smith and reimbursed to him by the town clerk before some of the board members were made aware of his actions. Anyone who tells you that Smith had permission to pursue a trademark for the Town of Ramseur is lying to you.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch both videos of this short meeting.

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Parrish Addresses Trademark and Fire Protection

On Monday April 1st, 2019, citizen J.C. Parish addressed the Ramseur Board of Commissioners regarding two issues: the recent trademark application and out of service fire hydrants around town.

Regular readers of this blog will recall that late last year Commissioner* Adam Smith took it upon himself, without board approval, to submit an application to trademark the name of our town, the slogan, “Where Family and Friends Meet”, and an image created by local artist Kerry Lindley, which appears on many official signs around town and has come to be seen as our town’s logo. Smith even paid the nearly $1,000 application fee out of his own pocket and was reimbursed by the Town Clerk before all board members were made aware of his activities. Continue reading “Parrish Addresses Trademark and Fire Protection”

Commissioner Smith, What Part of the First Amendment Don’t You Understand?

You might remember an article I wrote about the email Commissioner Smith sent to attorney Bob Wilhoit back on January 29, 2019, alleging collusion and conflicts of interest between myself and Mr. Turner; who the Town of Ramseur hired last year to redesign, host, and maintain the town’s website. Part of that email is reprinted below:

“As of today, I am launching a “NO SMEAR” campaign, I will be actively seeking cyber bullies that have been targeting The Town of Ramseur, The Town of Ramseur’s Council and the Citizens of Ramseur (where deemable by the citizens) and hold them accountable for their actions to the full extent of the law. I seek to remove these websites and pages at all costs. Continue reading “Commissioner Smith, What Part of the First Amendment Don’t You Understand?”

When Did the Board of Commissioners Vote to Approve a Trademark Application?

At last Monday’s regular meeting of the Ramseur Board of Commissioners, near the end of the agenda Commissioner “Adam” Smith informed those in attendance that he had trademarked the Town’s “logo”.

Mr. Smith was very clear in his remarks. He did not say that he had applied to register a trademark, he said it was “done”. There are a number of things wrong with Smith’s statement and his actions leading up to that statement. Video of the discussion can be viewed below. Continue reading “When Did the Board of Commissioners Vote to Approve a Trademark Application?”