Contact information for your elected officials

We live in a representative democracy, and our elected officials work for us. They should be held accountable and should hear from their constituents often. Here’s a list of phone numbers and email addresses for elected officials who represent citizens of Ramseur, North Carolina. Make your voice heard.

Town of Ramseur, Administrative Office:  336-824-8530
FAX LINE:  336-824-6624

Mayor: Danny Shaw: 336-736-9015 or 336-824-4111

Ramseur Board of Commissioners:

David Overman: 336-508-2383 –
Grant Cheek: 336-460-3814 –
Randy Cox: (336) 824-2182, or 336-483-1639 –
Vickie Caudle: 336-302-1300 –
“Adam” Smith:  336-602-0201 –

Randolph County Board of Commissioners

Darrell L. Frye, Chairman: 336-812-5951
David L. Allen: 336-622-2070
Hope B. Haywood: 336-963-2238
Maxton C. McDowell: 336-241-2256
Kenny J. Kidd: 336-626-0644
Clerk: 336-318-6301

North Carolina General Assembly

Rep. Pat Hurley: 919-733-5865
Rep. Allen McNeill: 919-715-4946
Senator Jerry Tillman: 919-733-5870

US Congress

House of Representatives

Mark Walker: 202-225-3065

US Senate

Richard Burr: 202-224-3154

Thom Tillis: 202-224-6342

President of the United States

White House Comment Line:  202-456-1111

The Ramseur Watchdog can be reached via email at Your feedback is always welcome.