How The Fuse Was Lit

The Ramseur Watchdog was created in response to a direct threat against the free speech rights of the citizens Ramseur, North Carolina by our elected officials, specifically Mayor Danny Shaw and Commissioners Cheek and Smith. These three men led the Board of Commissioners to vote to spend taxpayer funds in a misguided and failed attempt to shut down online criticism during a meeting of the board on 3 December 2018.

Government should be transparent, and all elected officials held to the highest standards of integrity. I believe, as did our nation’s founders, that freedom of speech and freedom of the press are crucial to maintaining an honest, open government that serves all citizens.

Adam Smith resigned from office several weeks prior to the election. Grant Cheek fell forty-odd votes short of enough support to be re-elected. Commissioner Vicki Caudle defeated Danny Shaw in a landslide, winning nearly 65% of all votes cast that day.