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Letters to the editor will be printed here with the most recent at the top. Letters may be edited for clarity, and names or other identifying remarks are withheld to protect the innocent. If it’s published here, rest assured that I have the original email and have made every effort to verify the sender’s identity using voter rolls or other public records.

I reserve the right to edit anything submitted as I see fit. If it’s germane to the conversation, I’ll likely publish your thoughts. All published letters shall remain anonymous unless the sender expressly asks to be quoted by name, or if they are a current elected or appointed official in Ramseur.

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“I’ve moved out of Ramseur but still enjoy reading your posts. I have worked next to a legal gaming establishment in REDACTED, NC for 4 months. Not once have the police been called there during day hours. I would have no idea about evening hours. We did find a guy sleeping off his drunk in our lot and his car was at the gaming business but no harm done. The only problem we’ve had is trash being thrown over the fence by the patrons of the gaming establishment. I don’t think that justifies blocking them from being in Ramseur.”

Received on February 16, 2023

“We have not always been on the same side of the fence, but what you have been saying about the town commissioner’s is so true. I will support you in another run as a commissioner anyday. JC is such a disappointment! I despise the buddy system they create… Lying is prolific in Ramseur! Also, we have water and sewer at four different [properties] in Asheboro and they have gone up quite a bit but one thing about it, we have good water. Everyone in Ramseur needs to see what is going on in Ramseur. Please educate people in Ramseur!!!”

Received on January 24, 2023

“When was the last time the town actually read water meters?  I just went back to April 2023 and checked the ring camera on my front door and I saw no town vehicle checking the meter.  What’s the rule on reading meters in this town? I know there have been questions about this years ago and was corrected. ” – K.

I passed this question on to Public Utilities Director, Jason Helton, and here’s his response: “Most residential meters are drive-by meters [meaning they are radio-enabled or RF meters]. If Diane, at town hall, notices an unusual reading –  high or low, based on what that meter normally reads – she will send out a re-read list [and then someone] physically reads the meter. Most meters that are 1” pipe and bigger are still manually read, and most of those are businesses.”

Received September 9, 2023