Mayor and Commissioners Declare War on Watchdogs

The clip below is about five minutes long. The quality is pretty bad due to technical difficulties that night, but it’s worth the effort, especially if you live in or near the town of Ramseur, NC.

The speakers are Mayor Danny Shaw,  and Commissioners Grant Cheek and “Adam” Smith. They are railing against a Facebook page called Ramseur Watchdog 2 (Watchdog). I am a participant in that forum sometimes but the administrator(s) of the page remain unknown to me and most people in town.

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Why Another Watchdog?

My name is Jay Hubbard. I ran for office here a few years ago, in 2015, and fell short of the votes necessary to remove our current mayor from office. I wish to make it clear at the outset that I have no intention of seeking elective office in Ramseur in the foreseeable future.

Several members of our town’s Board of Commissioners recently expressed interest in banning cameras from public meetings and voted to spend tax money on lawyers to “shut down” a Facebook page used by a group of citizens to hold our elected officials accountable for their words and actions. It is my belief that both of these proposals are unconstitutional. Continue reading “Why Another Watchdog?”