Why I Got Involved in Ramseur Politics and How this Blog Came to Exist

This post is going to take a few minutes to read, so you might want to grab a snack or your favorite beverage and get comfortable.

In December of 2014 my family and I moved to Ramseur, North Carolina. Ramseur wasn’t my first choice of towns to live in, but property here was cheaper than most other communities we’d looked at. Turns out there’s a reason for that. Ramseur has issues; generations deep, complex and often childish issues that take several years of involvement in the community to begin to see for what they are, much less to understand. I’ve been here going on five years now and have only begun to scratch the surface.

Ramseur has a bad reputation. For one, rumor has it that our water is “bad”. I’ve read the reports and asked my brother, a environmental scientist, to read them as well. The water isn’t unsafe to drink, it just tastes and smells like crap sometimes; not to mention how the rust in the ancient iron pipes stains everything it comes in contact with. Continue reading “Why I Got Involved in Ramseur Politics and How this Blog Came to Exist”

Smith Alleges Collusion Between Watchdog and Hosting Provider

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, I received a message from a friend, David Turner. He was concerned by some unusual activity on the Town of Ramseur website, which his business hosts and maintains. For the rest of this post to make sense you’ll need a little background that I do not share lightly. In fact, I wish I could tell this story without dragging innocent people into our town’s middle school drama, but there’s no other way to tell it, and it must be told.

I have known David Turner and his wife for roughly ten years, give or take. David owns a couple of businesses designing and maintaining websites. Seven or eight years ago I was having trouble with the web host I was using for my business. A web host is a business that provides the technology and services needed for a website to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. I design and write the content for all of my websites without outside assistance. Continue reading “Smith Alleges Collusion Between Watchdog and Hosting Provider”