Budget Audit Report – March 4, 2019

Due to technical difficulties, all the video from Monday, March 4, 2019, has no audio. As you can see from the short video below there is no sound. This was caused by operator error – I forgot to switch on the microphone. I apologize for this oversight, but I’m a utility locator, not a cameraman. I did get some great video of Commissioner Cheek waving his arms around in anger, and some good video of Mayor Shaw dancing around like a fool, but sadly there is no paired audio to go with those clips.

All is not lost. I take a separate audio recorder to all meetings as a backup, just in case something like this happens, and while I’ve never had to use it before, it did work. It’s taken me every spare minute I had over the last 36 hours to find an application to edit that four hour and twenty minute sound file into useable chunks, but I did find a solution that works. It’s not ideal, but you can hear it. Continue reading “Budget Audit Report – March 4, 2019”

Why So Many Accounts Commissioner?

This website has one purpose: to educate and inform the citizens of Ramseur about what their local elected officials are doing, and to call those officials out when what they’re doing isn’t transparent, accountable, or ethical. Okay, maybe that’s more than one thing; I’m not an accountant.

One of the first things I did after building this website was to make a public records request. I live on Church Street, just down the road from Sunset Knoll, cemetery. The cemetery is one of the two departments Commissioner Smith inherited when he was appointed to our Board of Commissioners.

In the weeks after Smith’s appointment last summer, I noticed a lot of activity at Sunset Knoll. Some of the work being done was needed, but some of it seemed to take longer than it should to complete. Other tasks seemed unnecessary while other projects exhibited amateurish skills at best.  I wanted to know how my tax dollars were being spent, so I requested the documentation. Continue reading “Why So Many Accounts Commissioner?”

Mayor Shaw Plays The Partisan Card

Over the weekend I had the distinct displeasure of having a conversation on Facebook with Mayor Shaw. Mr. Shaw can be a very personable and likeable individual when he believes you are in his corner, but let him think you might not be on his side and his true colors show in a hurry. I’ve learned this first hand. Matter of fact, I’ve been hearing similar thoughts about our current mayor ever since the day I moved here five years ago.

Anyway, Saturday night I was minding my own business, watching Netflix with my wife, when the mayor decided it was time to correct a comment I made a few days ago regarding North Carolina public meetings law. In a conversation about potential conflicts of interest in having a town commissioner working in the town administrative office, answering to another employee whom he can vote to retain or dismiss, I mentioned that I thought it might be a violation of the public meetings law for the mayor and two commissioners to be present in the town office at the same time. Continue reading “Mayor Shaw Plays The Partisan Card”

Rail Trail Property Dispute: Addendum

From: Town of Ramseur <adamsmith.tor@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 7:00 PM
To: <howard.mcfadden@nscorp.com>, <ryan.hankins@nscorp.com>, <zaneta.costen@nscorp.com>

Greetings all, 

My name is Commissioner Adam Smith with the Town of Ramseur. I am reaching out to you today in regards to a property that you legally own but have abandoned in Ramseur North Carolina. We obtained this information through a title search.  

This property has been abandoned since the 1950s. This property has back taxes owed as well. The Town of Ramseur has been maintaining this property for 30+ years now. 

We started a project called “The Rail Trail.” This is a walking Trail that lies along Deep River in eastern Randolph County and adjoins the Town of Franklinville. This project is for any and all walks of life. We welcome anyone from all over the Country to come walk our beautiful nature trail. This trail is approximately 1.5 miles of abandoned railroad in the Town of Ramseur.  Continue reading “Rail Trail Property Dispute: Addendum”