Ramseur Dam Removal Project

On February 4, 2019, David Harper, executive director of Unique Places to Save (hereafter referred to as UP2S), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, appeared before the Ramseur Board of Commissioners seeking a letter of support to supplement a fundraising grant application to the Clean Water Management Trust Fund. Mr. Harper’s remarks were listed on the agenda as ‘dam removal project’. I can’t speak for anyone else in the room that night, but it seemed like a topic out of left field. I did not see that coming.

According to Mr. Harper, his organization is partnered with a group of investors called Watauga Unique Properties, LLC (hereafter referred to as Watauga), which recently acquired approximately 22 acres along both sides of Deep River, stradling the Brooklyn Avenue bridge. Mr. Harper explained that his organization’s role is to, “find a way to convey some of that land to the Town of Ramseur as a potential park and greenway site.” Continue reading “Ramseur Dam Removal Project”

When Did the Board of Commissioners Vote to Approve a Trademark Application?

At last Monday’s regular meeting of the Ramseur Board of Commissioners, near the end of the agenda Commissioner “Adam” Smith informed those in attendance that he had trademarked the Town’s “logo”.

Mr. Smith was very clear in his remarks. He did not say that he had applied to register a trademark, he said it was “done”. There are a number of things wrong with Smith’s statement and his actions leading up to that statement. Video of the discussion can be viewed below. Continue reading “When Did the Board of Commissioners Vote to Approve a Trademark Application?”