BREAKING: Polls Moving to SERMS

According to several eyewitness reports from today’s Randolph County Board of Elections, polling in Ramseur will now take place at Southeastern Randolph Middle School, located at 5302 Foushee Road. Voting is to take place in the gymnasium.

Full report in the coming days. Busy week!

You Can’t Rewrite History Mr. Mayor

Remember the old stories we used to hear about how the Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin, would have those who criticized him purged and removed from history books, going so far as to have their photos erased? Well, today it appears that our mayor, Danny Shaw, has taken a page from old Joe’s playbook.

Mayor Shaw posted last night, on his official Facebook page, about the upcoming mayors’ fitness challenge, which will happen next month. I follow that page closely, so when I saw the notification this morning I clicked through to see what our mayor had to say. Then I scrolled down the page to review any comments I might have missed from the community. Continue reading “You Can’t Rewrite History Mr. Mayor”

Adam Smith Is Wrong For Ramseur

The text message you’ll find reproduced below was sent from Commissioner Adam Smith to Commissioner David Overman, sometime between August 5 and August 9, 2019. Mr. Overman showed the original messages to me on August 9, when I met him in order to make copies of the original set of library roof bid materials supplied to board members prior to the August 5 meeting.

After seeing those messages on Mr. Overman’s phone I asked him to forward them to me, which he did, in compliance with my ongoing request for all electronic communications relating to public Town of Ramseur business. Messages between elected officials regarding municipal business are considered public records and by law must be made available for examination upon request. Continue reading “Adam Smith Is Wrong For Ramseur”