Special Meeting, 25 September 2019

The Board of Commissioners held a special meeting this morning at the municipal building to discuss the library roof contract and the vacant fire chief position.

I spoke to Mayor Shaw privately before the meeting and restated my request to make a public comment, which I initially sent in via email on the day the meeting was announced. Mayor Shaw said that public comments would not be allowed this morning, despite indicating that citizens are always allowed an opportunity to speak at meetings in his remarks at the candidate forum last weekend. There is a statute that allows them to deny such requests at special meetings, but I advised the mayor that in light of the blatant slander Mr. Smith has been spreading about me in recent weeks, he should reconsider.

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Breaking: New Information Emerges In Library Roof Contract Story

On Friday I reported late breaking details about Adam Smith’s attempt to award a roofing contract to Give N Go Construction without a proper vote in a public meeting. Upon receiving a series of emails spanning Sunday to Tuesday, September 15 -17, I contacted two commissioners, Caudle and Overman, to ask what they new about the situation. Caudle was genuinely shocked, and both stated that they were as clueless about this development as I had been.

Bear in mind that I have an ongoing, legally binding request for all emails regarding public town business that has been in place since last January. In that time I have seen a few emails from Commissioners Cox and Overman, and received numerous emails from Commissioner Caudle, and more than a few from Mayor Shaw. Most of the information published on this website comes from those two sources and emails forwarded from the town clerk email account, currently monitored by Jill Wood a few times each week. Continue reading “Breaking: New Information Emerges In Library Roof Contract Story”

Candidates Forum, 21 September 2019

The 2019 candidates forum was held in the cafeteria of Ramseur Elementary School on Saturday morning, September 21.

Mayor Danny Shaw and his challenger, Commissioner Vicki Caudle were present. Commissioner David Overman and candidates J.C. Parrish, Tim Cranford, and Norv Kraft also participated.

Candidate Jim McIntosh was unable to attend due to a family member’s illness. Commissioners Adam Smith and Grant Cheek refused to participate and were not present Continue reading “Candidates Forum, 21 September 2019”

Adam Smith: “I will sue you!”

After more than eight months and numerous requests, Adam Smith finally complied with my public records request; he sent me an email. My post, Adam Smith Is Wrong For Ramseur, must have struck a nerve, because  on Friday September 6, the email you see below hit my inbox.

Here’s the full text:

“James Thurman Hubbard,
Arthur and publisher of Watch page,

“You will remove any and all content you have published on me on your little diary page. This is the only and last time you will receive notification from me. The next time you are contacted it will be from my attorney. This is not a threat by any means. I am telling you that If you continue to slander and defame me by publishing false and misleading content on me or my family, I will sue you! You better be prepared to put your money where your big mouth is. I will make you spend every dime you have to your name in legal fees until you realize that what you are doing is wrong. I will not go back and forth with you.” Continue reading “Adam Smith: “I will sue you!””

Who Voted To Approve This Contract?

On Friday afternoon, September 20, after nearly a week of no emails from anyone at the Ramseur municipal office, I received a flood of messages, including the ones you’ll find below.

The first one is from Adam Smith to the town clerk and attorney Wilhoit, asking permission to award the library roof contract to Give N Go Construction, a company from Charlotte where Smith used to live.  Smith has never offered a convincing explanation of how they ended up bidding on this project. Continue reading “Who Voted To Approve This Contract?”