Why Are Town Offices Closed For Lunch In The Middle Of The Afternoon?

A couple of weeks ago I received complaints from several citizens who had tried to visit our municipal office in the middle of the afternoon to pay water bills or conduct other business. All reported finding a sign on the door stating that the office was closed for lunch.

Why would our administrative offices be completely shut down at two or three o’clock in the afternoon? That’s the question I asked our Town Clerk, Bobbie Hatley, in an email on 9 April 2019. Bobbie was in school that week, so i didn’t receive a response for a couple of days. On April 11, Ms. Hatley wrote, “The reason for the late closing is so that during lunch hours we are open.” Continue reading “Why Are Town Offices Closed For Lunch In The Middle Of The Afternoon?”

Planning & Zoning Meeting, April 15, 2019

The Planning  & Zoning Board met on Monday, April 15th, at the municipal building. All members were in attendance at this meeting and the discussion mostly centered on proposed ordinance updates concerning recreational vehicle, commercial, and private vehicle parking in residential areas. All proposals were approved and will now be forwarded to the Board of Commissioners for public hearings and final approval. Consultant Jill Wood also clarified some misunderstanding regarding a previous zoning change to a property on Weatherly Street, which was approved after a public hearing on April 1st. I stand corrected. You can view the full meeting in the video below.

Public Works Needs Better Management

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In a previous post, Ramseur He-Man Woman Haters Club, I pointed out the gross misogyny of several members of our Board of Commissioners  toward Vicki Caudle, the only woman currently serving on the board.


During a discussion at the most recent board meeting regarding the duties of our public works contractor, Suez, Commissioner Grant Cheek was adamant that Suez is not responsible for cleaning and stocking public restrooms in our parks, and insisted that Commissioner Caudle should handle those duties herself. According to Mr. Cheek, Suez is too busy working water leaks, repairing fire hydrants, and removing brush from his property to bother with such menial work as maintaining restrooms in a public park. You can view the full discussion in the video below. Continue reading “Public Works Needs Better Management”

Smith Apologizes For March 4th Verbal Assault, Mayor Shaw Remains Clueless

On the afternoon of March 4th, 2019, our neighbor, Denise Lowe, paid a visit to the Ramseur Municipal Building. There she found Commissioner* Adam Smith huddled with Grant Cheek behind Commissioner Cheek’s desk. At that time of day Commissioner Cheek should have been on the clock as our water billing/deputy town clerk, so what these two were discussing or reviewing was probably not related to Mr. Cheek’s daytime office duties, but that’s not the point of this report.

I was not personally present to witness these events, however first hand accounts given by Denise Lowe and Commissioner David Overman match up and corroborate each other. Commissioner Caudle also requested that video from the office security cameras be preserved on the day of the incident. I have not requested or reviewed that video yet but at this point, no one involved has come forward to deny the following allegations. Continue reading “Smith Apologizes For March 4th Verbal Assault, Mayor Shaw Remains Clueless”