Mr.  Shaw,

I hope this email finds you well.  On 03/08/2019, I performed the yearly inspection of the Town of Ramseur Water Treatment Plant (WTP), and raw water reservoir/intake.  The elevated storage tanks were inspected last year with no significant issues being noted at that time.

I performed the paperwork portion of the inspection with Mark Grose; Operator Responsible in Charge (ORC) and Ryan Perkins; Operator.  Mark conducted the tour of the plant.  The gate/park  was unlocked at the Sandy Creek Reservoir.   I inspected the reservoir and raw intake, prior to the water plant inspection.  Below is a list of comments noted during the inspection:

NC 02-76-020 SNSV 20190308

  1. Tom Boyd had documented the following items on his 2017 inspection; chemical leaks are present in the chemical feed room and bulk chemical storage room.   I too have documented theses issues on my 2018 and current, 2019 inspection.    The chemicals appear to be leaking at most of the joints and transfer pumps in the chemical feed room and bulk chemical storage room.  These areas have dried white crystallization indicating active leaks.  Since most of the leaks are at glued fittings, it has been my experience, that over time, these chemicals maybe dissolving the glue at these joints.   With the added pressure following a bulk chemical delivery, the extra pressure created by a full bulk chemical tank,  could have catastrophic results. 
  2. There is a lack of “sufficient standby chemical feed pumps” in the Ortho and Ferric chemical feed rooms.  Stand-by units were explained to be ”on the shelf” in case of emergency, however the staff needs the technical ability and tools to change these pumps out.
  3. A PAX mixer was added to the Weatherly tank, final approval was issued on 9/17/2018.
  4. I verified the fluoride feed system has an air gap to prevent the back siphonage of fluoride.
  5. I reviewed the Contact Time calculations.  The plant uses an “HACH WINS” computer program to calculate CT on a daily basis.
  6. A new electric motor was installed on high service pump # 2, the week of February 4-8, 2019.
  7. We discussed the need for the Town of Ramseur to maximize it’s efforts to maintain compliance with it’s disinfection by-products.  The Town of Ramseur is achieving minimal HAA removal with an running annual average of 0.057 mg/l (0.060 mg/l is an MCL violation).
  8. The trac-vac appear to be working in the sedimentation basins, however the basins have not been washout out in a while.  Mark has this activity on his schedule in the upcoming weeks.

Again, thank you for your time and it was a pleasure to meet with your staff on 03/08/2019.


Rodney Darr

Public Water Supply Section

Environmental Senior Specialist


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